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Realizing the importance of providing fresh water to the people; and overall, seeing our whole work as a service to mankind, we are a set of dedicated professionals who are quite skilled in assisting our reputed customers in waste water management and providing water purifying equipments..

We also take pain in developing new infrastructure that helps to rectify all the present waste water management problems quite economically and in an Eco- friendly way.

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Water Treatment

For purifying the available water and making it the best for use, it has to be treated through a series of processes using the ..

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Waste Water Treatment

Waste water treatment is one of the main concerns of all governments around the world. Over population and ..

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Bio Gas Plants

With the need of energy becoming more and more, bio gas plants are becoming prominent due to their ability to turn waste ..

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Rain Water Harvesting

Rain, the blessing of God from the Heaven, is now our only hope for pure natural water. Unfortunately, a good amount of fresh ..

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Quality water for healthy life

A consortium of few Experts from different discipline of Water and Waste Water Treatment Technology Service, join hands to share their expertise in respective field, outcome is the birth of Sigma Pollution Control Equipments (India) Pvt. Ltd.

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