Rain Water Harvesting

    bio gas plantsRain, the blessing of God from the Heaven, is now our only hope for pure natural water. Unfortunately, a good amount of fresh water we receive through rainwater is disappearing without being utilized. The rain that we receive during different seasons, if harvested properly thorough natural filtration can become a big grace during the time of drought. SIGMA POLLUTION CONTROL EQUIPMENTS (INDIA) PVT. LTD provides you with excellent technology in harvesting rainwater by natural filtration. The water collected this way can be used for drinking, domestic purpose and even irrigation throughout the year. This method is very cost effective and simple.

    Special features

    • Dual Intensity Filters works on the principale of cohensive and centrifugal force.
    • The open ended design does not allow stagnation of water dirt particles.
    • Works on Gravitational Force (No external energy required).
    • Cost Effective and Affordable
    • Compact in size and Wall mounted.
    • Inbuilt Self-Cleaning Mechanism
    • Atomatic flush out of dirt particles
    • No consumables required
    • Flexibility in pipe connection to any angle and degree
    • User Guide and Tool Kit provided.
    • Provision of Bypass Valve
    • No Moving Parts, no Wear and Tear, Large Lasting

    Various applications through Rain Water Harvesting