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Support and Services

Guarantee and Service

One year guarantee for any manufacturing defect. Company gives on site free service for one year and life long service on AMC basis. Exclusive service on AMC basis is also available for refilling, regeneration, overhauling inspection and monitoring of the plant etc. which ensure optimum performance with maximum efficiency.


Highly committed for excellent quality for customers requirement and high level satisfaction. The plant is designed perfectly on the basis of the thorough study of the analytical and technological datas. There fore no compromise with targeted specification or quality of the product water.

Up Gradation and Atomization Facility

Provision has in may the up gradation and atomization of the plant in future. Which enable the customer to minimize the capital investment when it is required to enhance the capacity or increase the efficiency.

Consumables and Replacement

No consumables are required in general except plants like DM/RO where re-charging solutions and anti scalent agents may be necessary. Company provides genuine high quality medias, resins and activated carbon, re-charging solutions, dozing chemicals, dis-infecting and other water treatment chemicals.

Spares and Parts

Genuine parts like vessels, valves, strainers, ejectors, pumps, dosing systems, membranes and membrane housing, Cartridges and filter housings, disinfecting equipments like U.V, Ozonator etc. Quality monitoring Instruments like TDS, conductivity meter and flow measuring instruments like Rota meter, Pressure gauges, reagents and chemicals for dosing, parts and spares of electric/electronic control panel board etc. Ensure genuine originals spares, parts and materials for the perfect functioning of the plant.


  • Wide range of products.
  • Require no power or consumable, therefore no operational cost.
  • User friendly design requires no on-off operation.
  • Each plant is designed on the basis of the detailed analytical and technological datas so excellent quality of the product water with International standard.
  • On line backwash facility so that minimum maintenance repairs and replacement.
  • Attractive finishing and perfect water material of construction like S.S 304, Teflon, Poly Propylene, Poly carbonate, PVC etc. so that corrosion and bio- degradation remaining safe for lifetime.
  • No moving parts except valves so that no tear and wear.
  • Most economical and affordable price.
  • All spares, parts and compute an available on request.
  • One year guarantee and life long service. (conditional)