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Ion Exchange Technology

The exchange of charged particles called anions and cations is a premier technology used in the purification of water.

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Reverse Osmosis

This is reversing the natural process of movement of liquids from a lower concentration level to a higher concentration

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Ultra Filtration

In this process, the liquid is forced through a semi permeable membrane, and all the heavy suspended solids and solutes are held back

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Nano Filtration

Nano filtration is used to remove the totally dissolved solids in ground water as well as surface water using natural and ..

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Micro Filtration

This is a low pressure cross-flow membrane process used for separating colloidal and suspended particles the ...

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Using Ozone, water can be treated to get rid of all the harmful bacteria, virus, mold and other micro organisms

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Ultra Violet Rays Treatment

This is a widely used and much approved method of water treatment. UV rays are used to destroy all the pathological organism in ..

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Electro Catadian Process

This is a process by which
a small amount of silver (0.05-0.1 mg/L) is released into the water

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Chemical Treatment

Certain chemical processes are also used to precipitation, sedimentation, checking the PH balance and disinfection process

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